The Infant Feeding Guidelines are written to assist health workers provide consistent advice about breastfeeding and infant feeding. They provide a review of the evidence, and clear evidence-based recommendations on infant feeding for health workers.

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The Guidelines are a revision of the 2003 edition (and incorporate evidence based information). They were prepared by experts in paediatric nutrition, nutrition research, nutrition communication, public health and primary health.

The Guidelines provide advice and recommendations on breastfeeding, supporting mothers and parents, the introduction of solids, preparing infant formula and other common health related concerns.

The Infant Feeding Guidelines are relevant to healthy, term infants of normal birth weight (more than 2500g). Although many of the principles of infant feeding described here can be applied to low birth weight infants, specific medical advice is recommended for pre-term and underweight infants.

More information about how NHMRC considers World Health Organization Guidelines can be found at Infant Feeding Guidelines.

Table of updates and amendments

Amendment typeAmendment detailDate updatedVersion number

Minor amendments to:

Chapter 4

  • Section 4.3.4

Chapter 8

  • Section 8.5.1
  • Table 8.6

Chapter 9

  • Section 9.2.2
  • Section 9.3.1

Minor amendments to reflect the above changes were also made to the Summary of Advice section of the Guidelines and the Infant Feeding Guidelines Summary Booklet.

Editorial changes have been made to reflect the current evidence as well as provide further clarification and context.September 20151.1