This Administrative report: Information Paper: Evidence on the effects of lead on human health refers to the development of the Information paper and Statement as well as background documents relating to the assessment of the evidence on the health effects of lead.

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Encouraging evidence based policy and advice is a key aim of NHMRC. This includes reviewing current evidence on possible health hazards following low-level lead exposure and current management strategies to inform provide the Australian community, healthcare professionals and governments.

NHMRC is aware that since publishing its 2009 Information Paper and Public Statement on blood lead levels, there has been increasing evidence suggesting that low level lead exposure (blood lead levels less than 10 micrograms per decilitre) is associated with health effects in some population groups.

In 2013, NHMRC commissioned an independent evaluation of the evidence on lead. The evaluation had a particular focus on low level lead exposure and included a review of management strategies to reduce lead exposure. The Evidence Review has been used by NHMRC to update its 2009 Information Paper and Public Statement on lead.