The Outstanding Contribution Award recognises outstanding long-term contributions, individual commitment and support to NHMRC.

The awardee is an individual who has:

  • made significant contributions to NHMRC
  • been a strong advocate for health and medical research
  • been an inspirational role model for the health and medical research community.

Nominations will be considered by the NHMRC CEO, who will select the awardee in consultation with the Chair of Council. The following criteria will also be considered:

  • personal, academic and professional achievements
  • demonstrated leadership, innovation and creativity
  • the impact of their contribution to Australian health and medical research and its outcomes
  • contributions to peer review
  • residence of the nominee in Australia.

Past winners

  • 2023: Professor Doug Hilton AO
  • 2021: Professor Sharon Lewin AO
  • 2019: Professor Kathryn North AC
  • 2017: Professor Jane Hall
  • 2015: Professor Melissa Little
  • 2013: Professor Ron Trent
  • 2011: Mrs Elizabeth Grant AM
  • 2010: Professor David Weisbrot AM
  • 2007: Sr Regis Mary Dunne AO; Mr Peter Wills AC