Doctor Yasmine Probst
University of Wollongong Australia
15 October 2018

Dietary change is a significant lifestyle factor in managing the epidemics of obesity and diabetes. Uncovering the details of effective dietary change requires accurate user friendly dietary assessment and advice tools.

Translating Research Into Practice Fellowships, 2013 - 2016 | $174,108 

Doctor Yasmine Probst is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and Certified Health Informatician. As a Senior Research Fellow with the Smart Foods Centre at the University of Wollongong, her research is focused on what actually is contained in our foods with an interest in dietary modelling and dietary assessment methodology.

‘NHMRC has contributed to my research in a number of ways. With the grants I have received my team and I developed an online dietary assessment tool, allowing us to have specific Australia region food composition data’ explained Doctor Probst.

Doctor Probst works with the clinical trials team at the University of Wollongong to manage food-based intervention trials. She also teaches under- and post graduate students leading the research domain for nutrition and dietetics.

‘If we didn’t have food composition data we wouldn’t have the information to be able to translate our Australian Dietary Guidelines into practical recommendations for the consumer and to help everyone better their health’ said Doctor Probst.