2 July 2020

Prof Si Ming Man from The Australian National University and his team investigates the role of innate immunity in infectious diseases and cancer. Professor Man received the NHMRC Research Excellence Award for the highest-ranked Early Career Fellowship (2015) and an NHMRC Research Excellence Award for the highest-ranked Career Development Fellowship Biomedical Level l1 (2019). He also received the 2019 Commonwealth Health Minister's Medal for Excellence in Health and Medical Research and the 2021 CSL Centenary Fellowship.

[Images move through to show Dr Si Ming Man in science lab with colleagues, Dr Man looking over a female colleague’s shoulder and then a gloved hand filling vials with clear liquid]

Dr Si Ming Man: NHMRC is very appealing because it’s one of the premier funding bodies of Australia.

[Image changes to show a side view of Dr Man talking and then image changes to show vials with clear liquid being connected to electrical cables to conduct an experiment and text appears: Dr Si Ming Man, Australian National University]

My first experience with NHMRC was applying as an early career researcher.

[Images move through to show a gloved hand plugging cables to a power pack, clear liquid being extracted from a bottle through a tube and white powder in a container on a weighing machine]

In that particular scheme, it allows me to spend half of my time overseas to train with some of the best scientists in the world.

[Images move through of a rocking platform on the weighting machine, Dr Man working in a lab with colleagues, Dr Man sitting in chair talking and in conversation with a female colleague]

So, I spent two years in USA to learn from the leaders in the field and then I was able to bring back the expertise that I have learnt from those two years back to Australia.

[Image shows the female colleague talking to Dr Man and then the image changes to show Dr Man laughing in response]

And then the second half of my Early Career Fellowship allows me to continue to utilise those expertise to contribute to Australian health.

[Music plays and the image morphs into the NHMRC logo and a piece of laboratory equipment can be seen behind it and text appears: Building a Healthier Australia]

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