27 April 2020

Professor Emily Banks is focused on those unanswered questions around prevention to really make a difference.

[Images move through to show rear and then facing views of Professor Emily Banks talking, and motioning to graph and then the camera zooms in on Emily’s hands]

Professor Emily Banks: One of the major things about research is that you really can make a difference.

[Images move through to show side profile of Emily talking, in conversation with a woman and then a close-up side view of Emily talking with a projector light shining past her and text appears: Professor Emily Banks Australian National University]

You can use your curiosity and your drive to answer questions that no-one’s answered before.

[Images move through to show a side view of Emily sitting and talking, a side view of Emily typing on a laptop and then the camera zooms in to show a side view of Emily working on her laptop]

I trained in Clinical Medicine before I became a researcher and one of the main reasons I became a researcher is that every person I spoke to who was ill wished that they had never had it.

[Images move through to show Emily scrolling on her laptop, a facing view of Emily’s face reading and then Emily’s fingers typing]

And that basically meant we should be focussing on prevention. Prevention is something we’re not doing well enough.

[Image changes to show Emily talking and smiling then camera zooms in to show a side view of Emily’s face as she talks]

And NHMRC has the vision to invest in prevention and people like me and my team.

[Music plays and the image morphs into the NHMRC logo and text appears: Building a Healthier Australia]

[Image changes to show a rear view of Emily’s head]

End of transcript.