30 July 2020

Professor Carola Vinuesa is a Professor of Immunology at the Australian National University and Head of the Pathogens and Immunity Department. She discusses Cellular Immunology and how blue sky research impacts human health. 

[Images move through of people working in a laboratory, test tubes, pink liquid in a test tube and Professor Carola Vinuesa talking to the camera and text appears: Professor Carola Vinuesa, Australian National University]

Professor Carola Vinuesa: If you ask me the truth I get very excited also with our very blue-sky research and I think that’s a very important component of what NHMRC is funding us to do.

[Images move through of Carola and other co-workers in a lab, Carola’s face, test tubes, equipment in the lab, Carola talking, Carola and other workers in the lab and test tubes being put in a machine]

It is the type of research that does not have a very immediate commercial outcome, but it is what really enables some of the biggest breakthroughs to occur which will impact in unmeasured ways, or ways we still don’t understand, human health.

[Images move through of a male closing down the lid of the machine, Carola talking and then Carola talking to the camera]

So, I feel very fortunate that NHMRC funds both arms, the very basic research which we do here as well and the very upright research which has immediate obvious impact in patients.

[Music plays and the image changes to show pink liquid sloshing around in a test tube and then the image morphs into the NHMRC logo and text appears: Building a Healthier Australia]

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