The Research Committee fosters research across the spectrum of health and medical research, including the awarding of grants and providing research support.

The Research Committee (RC) covers the spectrum of health and medical research, including public health. It awards grants on the basis of scientific quality as judged by peer-review across the entire spectrum of health, medical and public health research. It also provides research support through a variety of mechanisms, including support for individual research projects, broad programs of research, training awards and fellowships and special research units.


The functions of RC, as set out in Section 35(2) of the NHMRC Act include all of the following:

  • to advise and make recommendations to the Council on the application and monitoring of the Medical Research Endowment Account (MREA)
  • to monitor the use of assistance provided from MREA
  • to advise the Council on matters relating to medical research and public health research, including the quality and scope of such research in Australia
  • such other functions as the Minister from time to time determines in writing after consulting the CEO
  • any other functions conferred on the Committee by the NHMRC Act, the regulations or any other law.


Members will have demonstrated leadership and extensive experience in various fields of health and medical research. A member of Australian Health Ethics Committee (AHEC) also sits on RC – this is a requirement of the NHMRC Act.


Postal address
Research Committee Secretariat
GPO Box 1421
Canberra ACT 2601
(02) 6217 9052

Members of Research Committee