At NHMRC, we are committed to upholding the strictest security on the information we communicate to you.

The Australian Government sets policies and standards to encrypt all sensitive emails to non-government recipients that could pose a risk to you, the NHMRC, the government or the public -  if intercepted by somebody else.

The email encryption solution allows us to communicate securely with our important non-government partners, including Council and Committee members. The solution can be used with any email application, and is compatible with desktop computers, laptops and notebooks.

Email encryption will occur automatically when an email is sent from NHMRC to you where the email has been classified at Official: Sensitive or above.

Email marked as Official will be sent without encryption. 

The first time you receive a message this way (or if you have not accessed your encrypted message account in more than 30 days), you must complete a registration step prior to accessing the message.  Setting up your account is easy and simply requires you to create a password of your choice and setup some password recovery questions.  You will then use this password to access all subsequent emails. 

Together, we can help ensure that sensitive and confidential information is kept safe.


The screenshot below is similar to the email you will receive the first time you receive an encrypted message from NHMRC. This email requires you to "Register" on NHMRC's secure email system before you gain access to the encrypted email. 

An example email, displaying a message about encrypted registration

Once you click on the "here" link shown above, you will be taken to the "Registration" screen as shown below. To register, you must complete the password fields (complying with the password rules stipulated on the screen). 

You must also select three security questions and provide the answers; this will ensure you can regain access should you forget your password. 

On completion of the registration process, you will see the screen below. 

Receipt of Email 

You will then receive a second email containing a password protected PDF attachment. 

Clicking on the attachment will prompt you for the password you set during the registration process. 

The PDF attachment will look similar to the one shown below. The Reply button shown below can be used to reply in the email. 

Replying to an Email 

The reply screen will look similar to that shown below and also allows you to attach documents. NHMRC receive the email as a standard email.