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Partnership Centre: Health System Sustainability

NHMRC with Bupa Health Foundation, NSW Health, Telstra and the University of Notre Dame Australia, is working to establish a new NHMRC Partnership Centre: Health System Sustainability.

This Centre will explore the issues impacting health care system sustainability and develop and evaluate a set of implementable interventions that are appropriate from a clinical, patient and economic perspective.

The Partnership Centres funding scheme is not a traditional researcher-initiated grant scheme. The overall goals and work plan for a Partnership Centre are determined by NHMRC and the Funding Partners in response to the needs of the health and healthcare systems. The Chief Investigator works in a close and responsive manner with the NHMRC and the Funding Partners to keep the work plan aligned with the scope and objectives of the Partnership Centre. The Chief Investigator will regularly report to the Governance Authority (made up of NHMRC and the Funding Partners) which will review, evaluate and influence the Centre’s activities periodically.

The call for applications closed on 6 April 2016.


  1. NHMRC Partnership Centres Funding Rules
  2. NHMRC Partnership Centres Peer Review Guidelines

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Indicative Timeline

Activity Time
Request for Applications open for the Partnership Centre: Health System Sustainability 14 January 2016
Closure of Applications for the Partnership Centre: Health System Sustainability 6 April 2016
Assessment of Applications by Peer Review Panel May - June2016
Recommendations to NHMRC Research Committee and the Council July 2016
Notification of assessment results to applicants August 2016
Establishment and announcement of the Partnership Centre: Health System Sustainability September - October 2016