The following are the key changes that have been made to Sapphire Profiles when data was migrated from RGMS. Please confirm all Profile data in Sapphire is complete and up-to-date prior to submitting an application.

General information for multiple areas of Profile

Start and End Dates 

Key change Format change for date fields in Sapphire Profile

RGMS Publication Year = Year only (YYYY)

Sapphire Publication Date = date/month/year (dd/mm/yyyy)

Action Review dates in Sapphire with consideration to the following migration rules:
  • Where RGMS has year only i.e. 2020, the migrated date in Sapphire will be 01/01/2020.
  • Sapphire validates date ranges i.e. Start date must be before End date. Where a Start date entered in RGMS is after the End date, the migrated Start date will be set to 01/01/1901.
  • If a date range in RGMS could not be evaluated/reformatted for Sapphire, the migrated Start date will be set to 01/01/1901 and End date will be set to 01/01/9999.

Primary Institutions 

Key changes  An exercise was conducted to align Primary Institution names with NHMRC’s current list of Administering Institutions, for example where an Institution has merged with a parent Institution.

RGMS = Pro-PD: Administering Institution 

Sapphire = Primary Institution 
(as displayed in My Profile and Academic Information)


View your Primary Institution under My Profile or Academic Information in Sapphire Profile and update if required. 

To update your Primary Institution, navigate to Sapphire Applications. Click Account Settings, then click Personal details.

Additional changes new to Sapphire: 

  • Researchers require a Primary Institution to be listed in their Profile.
  • By default, RAO staff at your nominated Primary Institution will have view access to your Profile, and RAO staff at the nominated Administering Institution will have view access to your applications. 

Duplicate rows 

Example Profile sections with rows of data, such as Conference Participations may list duplicate rows.
e.g. Two rows with the same Conference Title, Role and Year.
Action For applicable sections from My Grants to Translations into Policy/Practice, click each section heading in your Sapphire Profile to review the list of migrated records and confirm there are no duplicate rows.

Profile fields requiring a Yes/No response 

Key change If left blank in RGMS, a Profile question requiring users to select either Yes or No, may be migrated to Sapphire with a default Yes/No value. 
Example Sapphire Profile examples include:
  • About My Profile
    • RAO edit access (Y/N)
  • Personal Information
    • Australian Permanent Resident (Y/N)
Action Users should confirm migrated data for questions requiring a Yes/No response appear correctly in Sapphire Profile.

ISO Country Format

Key change For applicable fields, the list of countries available for selection has been converted to standard ISO Country format, and reduced to the known ISO list.
Example Following migration from RGMS, any country fields with non-ISO data, may need to be updated in Sapphire.
Action Researchers should select a corresponding ISO Country format value from the drop-down menu.

Personal Information

Primary Email 

Key change Sapphire accounts must have a unique email address as this is the ‘Username’ used for logging into Sapphire.

Users with more than one RGMS account (with the same email address), should confirm their migrated Sapphire Profile contains their current data.
e.g. Spot check a Sapphire field(s) to confirm current RGMS data is included.

The following data migration rule was applied:

  • Where one person has duplicate RGMS accounts with the same email address, only one Sapphire account will be created.

Phone number

Key change Phone numbers have been converted to an international format (e.g. +61). Non-numeric characters have been removed and updated with an area code where appropriate.
Example In Sapphire, the Primary Phone number is displayed in the format, +61 2 6217 9000
Action Review your migrated phone contacts under Personal Information – Contact Details, and confirm they are correct.

Peer review information

Key change Mandatory Peer Review Information fields that are blank in RGMS may be migrated with a default value in Sapphire.
Example Broad Research Area may be set to ‘Other’ in Sapphire, if a there was no applicable information in this field to migrate from RGMS.
Action Researchers must select one (1) Broad Research Area that is most applicable to their main area of research:
  • Basic Science
  • Clinical Medicine and Science
  • Public Health
  • Health Services Research.

Researchers must also select at least five (5) Research keywords and three (3) Peer Review Areas.

Other funding 

Key change Format change for Funding Application Role in Other Funding. Researchers must select from the available roles in the drop-down list. 
Example RGMS free-text roles (e.g. Principal Researcher) that are not available for selection in Sapphire may be displayed as a blank.

Researchers should click on Other Funding in Sapphire Profile and review listed rows for blank entries. 

If required, click on a row to open the Other Funding entry and select the most appropriate role e.g Lead Researcher.


Key change Format change for Publication Author data in Sapphire. 
Free-text RGMS data has been changed to structured data in Sapphire. The migrated author list is consistent with the standard APA style.

RGMS stores author names and order on publications as free-text. 

Sapphire uses structured data to store the name of each author. 

Action  View your migrated Author List for each publication in Sapphire Profile, under Publications. Confirm authors’ names and order are displayed correctly. 


Key change Format change for Named Inventors data in Sapphire. 
Free-text RGMS data has been changed to structured data in Sapphire. The inventors have been listed in the standard APA style.

RGMS stores Inventor names and their order on patents as free-text. 

Sapphire uses structured data to store details for individual Inventors. 

Action View your migrated patents in Sapphire Profile, under Publications. Confirm Named Inventors and order are displayed correctly.  

Commercial and product outcomes 

Key change The category’s name has been changed between RGMS and Sapphire. 

RGMS category = Therapeutic products and commercial outcomes. 

Sapphire category = Commercial and product outcomes. 

Action For Researchers to be aware of the change in category name and confirm that all Commercial and product outcomes are displayed correctly.