MFR 6 - Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research in Australia

Matter for Review

6. "Strategies to attract, develop and retain a skilled research workforce which is capable of meeting future challenges and opportunities."


Research Skills for an Innovative Future – A research workforce strategy to cover the decade to 2020 and beyond, Department of Innovations, Industry, Science and Research 2011

An overview of the Australian workforce trends compared to OECD countries which identifies Australian research workforce strengths, the changing population demographic, economic pressures and the role of government. Key areas of particular future challenge for Australia’s research workforce are identified and strategies to meet these challenges are discussed.

NHMRC People Support funding schemes

NHMRC People Support funding schemes aim to provide funding to support the people required to complete health and medical research in Australia.

NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence (CRE)

NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) supports research teams with the aim of improving health outcomes, and promoting/or improving translation of research outcomes primarily into practice. The CRE scheme also supports researchers in capacity building activities in specific areas of need identified by NHMRC.
Funding is provided through three schemes:

Blackburn Fellowships Celebrate Women in Research

The outstanding achievements of Australian Nobel Laureate Professor Elizabeth Blackburn have been recognised through a new fellowship from the NHMRC awarded to top female Research Fellows.

The 2011 recipients of this award were:

  • Associate Professor Amanda Leach, Menzies School of Research - a principal research fellow and leader of the Ear Health Research Program within the Child Health Division at the Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin. She is committed to evidence-based and multidisciplinary research addressing the health problems of Aboriginal children living in remote communities. Her work, largely funded by the NHMRC, focuses on clinical trials for the prevention and treatment of otitis media (middle ear infection), including a number of antibiotic trials and a trial to compare two pneumococcal conjugate vaccines.
  • Associate Professor Christine Roberts, University of Sydney - research director of Clinical and Population Perinatal Health Research at the University of Sydney’s Kolling Institute. Prior to her career in public health, she was a medical epidemiologist with clinical experience in obstetrics, paediatrics and neonatology. Her research focuses on utilising population health data to improve health, health service delivery, health policy and planning. She has published 135 papers in national and international journals, is a sought-after international speaker and an active member of research, government and professional organisations.
  • Professor Carola Vinuesa, Australian National University John Curtin School of Medical Research - After graduating as a medical doctor in Madrid, Professor Carola Vinuesa undertook clinical training in the UK and was awarded a PhD in 2000. As a Wellcome Trust Travelling Fellow at the Australian National University she discovered novel pathways important for antibody responses and autoimmune diseases. She was awarded a Viertel Fellowship (2007), the Biogen-Idec Prize (2007), the Science Minister’s Prize (2008) and the Gottschalk Medal (2009). She is professor of Immunology at the John Curtin School of Medical Research and head of the Pathogens and Immunity Department.
  • Blackburn Fellowships Celebrate Women in Research - 29 November 2011

NHMRC - European Union Collaborative Research Grants

The NHMRC has a limited fund to assist Australian participation in projects selected for funding under the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The NHMRC provides funding support to Australian researchers who are listed as partners on successful European Union grants addressing health and medical research issues relevant to the NHMRC.