Research Translation Faculty

In 2012, NHMRC launched the Research Translation Faculty (the Faculty), a major strategic initiative for health and medical research translation in Australia. The Faculty is represented by nearly 2,900 members, who are NHMRC-supported Chief Investigators and NHMRC Fellows.

The Faculty has been established as an advisory forum to directly help NHMRC confront key challenges for the translation of health and medical research in Australia. This initiative aims to support a more effective and accelerated translation of health and medical research into improved policy and practice in Australia. It draws on the significant pool of scientific knowledge of its members and the experience they hold in positions in health policy and practice.

The Faculty has been focussing on identifying the most significant gaps between research evidence and health policy and practice in the Major Health Issues in NHMRC’s Strategic Plan 2013-15, and suggesting action that NHMRC could consider taking to address those gaps – these proposals are called Cases for Action.

The Faculty also operates as a forum for researchers to share information and build research translation capabilities in Australia. The inaugural NHMRC Research Translation Faculty Symposium was held in October 2012, when the Faculty was formally launched. Since then, there has been a Faculty Symposium each year, providing delegates with the opportunity to learn and share information about research translation.

While many Faculty members’ own work may focus on an individual patient level, a population level or a system-wide level, all three perspectives need to come together to drive change in the health system and obtain the greatest benefits for patients.

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