NHMRC’s role in approving Approved Research Institutes

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is responsible for the administration of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936.  For the purposes of 73A of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936, NHMRC is one of the organisations that may approve a body as an Approved Research Institute (ARI).

A body approved as an ARI is eligible for endorsement as a deductible gift recipient.

Initial request to become an Approved Research Institute

If you are seeking to become an ARI a written application should be sent to:

Australian Taxation Office
PO Box 3373

The requirements that the body must meet to be approved as an ARI are set out in the ‘Guidelines for Approved Research Institutes’ which can be found on the Australian Tax Office website.

The ATO will assess the application against its criteria and requirements for deductible gift recipients and forward the application to NHMRC for further consideration if the applicant’s field of research focus is congruent with NHMRC’s expertise/functions. Once the application has been considered, the ATO will advise the applicant of the outcome.

Variation to Committee Membership

All requests for changes in membership to the ARI’s Research Committee should be sent directly to NHMRC (if it was the approving organisation).

The requirements for an ARI’s research committee are detailed on the Australian Tax Office website.

Requests to vary an ARI’s Research Committee must contain the following information:

  1. Name of the ARI
  2. Name of the Research Committee
  3. Name/s of the members being replaced
  4. Name/s of the proposed new members
  5. A CV for each proposed member, including:
    1. A list of academic qualifications
    2. A list of professional appointments
    3. Information outlining a proven ability to direct a research program
  6. A signed statement from each proposed member agreeing to serve on the Research Committee.

Please send all Research Committee membership variation requests or any enquiries regarding the ARI approval process to Research Administration at postaward.management@nhmrc.gov.au.

NHMRC will contact the ARI directly with the outcome of the variation request or if further information is required.