NHMRC International Engagement

Guided by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Corporate Plan, NHMRC will endeavour to support collaborative approaches to health and medical research internationally, including:

  • connecting, supporting and encouraging links with researchers in health and non-health related disciplines,
  • supporting a full breadth of health and medical research through international research partnerships, and
  • engage in collaborative and multidisciplinary approaches to solving health problems.

NHMRC International Engagement Strategy

Within the framework of the Corporate Plan, the NHMRC has established a strategy for prioritising new and existing activities with our international partners. 

The NHMRC International Engagement Strategy 2016-2019 outlines NHMRC’s approach to working with our international partners over the three year period.

The Strategy identifies four key principles for international engagement:

  • strategic alignment
  • potential for scientific impact
  • potential for scientific diplomacy, and
  • resource implications. 

NHMRC International Engagement Strategy 2016-2019

NHMRC Agreements – Research Funding

NHMRC provides assistance to Australian researchers to participate in collaborative research projects with international researchers through both bilateral and multilateral arrangements. In order for researchers to participate in these schemes, their personal information may need to be disclosed by NHMRC to overseas recipients, generally for the purposes of peer review of the applications. Applicants are advised of this possibility at the time of making their application.

The following lists partners and multilateral funding arrangements with whom applicant information may be shared by NHMRC to enable assessment of grant applications.

Other Links and Activities

NHMRC participates in international collaborations to foster global health and medical research goals.