Objective Criteria for Embryos Unsuitable for Implantation

The Objective criteria for embryos that are unsuitable for implantation (Objective Criteria) and accompanying contextual information were issued as guidelines by the CEO of the NHMRC on 6 December 2007 as required by the definition of ’unsuitable for implantation’ in s.7 of the Research Involving Human Embryos Act 2002.

The Objective Criteria provide guidance on the criteria to be used when deciding that embryos can be donated for use in licensed activities because they are considered to be unsuitable for implantation into the body of a woman. See Information for Applicants page.   

The Objective Criteria do not relate to clinical decisions made during ART treatment. The criteria used to decide which embryos will be transferred to a woman to attempt to achieve pregnancy may differ from the Objective Criteria.