Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are essential for evaluating the effectiveness and safety of drugs, devices, services and interventions to help prevent, detect or treat illness and disease. It is through the research done in clinical trials that people gain access to better treatments sooner. Clinical trials also bring hundreds of millions of dollars each year into the Australian economy.

If you would like more information on clinical trials in Australia, including those currently underway, visit the Australian Clinical Trials website.

The Australian Clinical Trials Environment

Australia’s clinical trials environment is complex, with various responsibilities resting with institutions, private organisations and companies, State or Territory Governments and the Commonwealth Government.

NHMRC’s progress to improve clinical trials in Australia

NHMRC received funding through the Expediting Clinical Trial Reform in Australia and Simplified and Consistent Health and Medical Research measures to develop a nationally consistent approach to clinical trials, improve efficiency and streamline administration and costs to position Australia as a world leader in clinical research.

More information on NHMRC activities to improve the clinical trials environment  initiatives, including completed and future activities.