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NHMRC recognises that biobanking is a valuable underpinning for medical research. It has been examining ways in which it can best contribute to improving biobanking nationally, given its role as set out in the National Health and Medical Research Council Act 1992 and its overall resourcing.

Part of this process involved convening a Biobanking Roundtable in June 2012, to discuss the issues affecting biobanking in Australia with a group of key biobanking stakeholders and funders.

NHMRC has also developed a short paper discussing the framework for a National Biobanking Strategy. This document draws on work undertaken by a Biobanking Working Group it established to provide advice on biobanking policy issues. This Group consulted extensively with researchers involved in providing and using biobanking services.

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The NHMRC is consulting with State and Territory authorities on ways to address nationally biobanking issues such as common standards, sustainable funding and governance.