NHMRC is reviewing the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines (the Guidelines) including dietary guidance for older Australians. NHMRC, with advice from the Dietary Guidelines Expert Committee, prioritised diet and nutrition related topics during initial scoping activities. Topics were prioritised based on relevance to the older Australian population, impact on public health and the likelihood that the evidence-base has changed enough since the release of the 2013 Guidelines to change recommendations.

The broad research topics identified as highest priority for older Australians are: 

  • dietary patterns (combinations and amounts of foods regularly consumed)
  • protein-rich foods (meats and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds and legumes / beans)
  • (ultra) processed foods
  • barriers and enablers to healthy eating for older adults.

More detail about each topic is on the priority research questions for older Australians.

To make efficient use of limited review resources, recent, high quality published systematic reviews will be used where available. Potentially relevant systematic reviews will be identified via:

  • literature searches, including database searching and searches of systematic reviews commissioned or conducted by key international groups
  • a public call for systematic reviews.

We are asking you to submit systematic review citations that answer research questions about the above priority topics. This will help NHMRC identify relevant evidence or identify gaps where new evidence reviews may need to be commissioned.

Citations should be submitted via the form below.

Pragmatic considerations partly contributed to decisions about priority. One of these was whether a topic could be partially or indirectly addressed by an alternative research question of higher priority. If you would like to submit a systematic review on a topic that is not explicitly listed above, consider if it could fit into one of them. If you feel it could be, submit your supporting evidence. Alternatively, you can go to the priority research questions webpage to read how we will address lower priority questions.

There will be further opportunities to comment or contribute to the Guidelines review in the future. To keep up to date you can subscribe to our contact list.

This public call for evidence will close 2PM AEST on Wednesday 24 July 2024. All submissions are anonymous.


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