Clinician researcher key to cure for HIV

Photo credit: The Doherty Institute

Professor Sharon Lewin

Director - The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity
University of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Hospital

"In Australia, life expectancy is returned by using life-long drugs but there is still no cure."

Professor Sharon Lewin was originally a clinician looking after patients with HIV-AIDs but wanted to do more, so became a researcher working to find a cure.

‘We’re a large multi-disciplinary group looking at very basic biology of HIV—where it hides while people are treatment, and why it goes into hiding,’ she said.

As the chair of NHMRC’s Health Translation Advisory Committee (HTAC), Professor Lewin looks to improve health outcomes through effective translation of research into health care and clinical practice.

‘Gone are the days where we have hospitals completely removed from research institutes or universities, and gone are the days where we have clinicians that do no research,’ she said