NHMRC Research Excellence Awards 2016

Photo credit: Irene Dowdy

Rear (L - R):  Doctor Williem (Joost) Lesterhuis, Joshua Shing Shun Li, Professor Scott O’Neill, Dr David Nayagam (representing A/Professor Chris Williams,  A/Professor Julian Elliott, Doctor Michael Livingston, A/Professor Kiarash Khosrotehrani, Professor Paul Clarke (representing Professor David Evans), Doctor Julie Brown, Professor David Paterson.

Front (L - R): Doctor Dominic Hare, Professor Alan Cowman, Professor Jane Hall, Doctor Nikolajs Zeps, Professor Robin Warren, Professor Anne Kelso, Professor Bruce Robinson, Professor Carola Vinuesa, A/Professor Stuart Brierley, Doctor Joshua Osowicki, A/Professor Andrew Steer, Professor Phyllis Butow.

Absent: A/Professor James Ward, A/Professor Chris Williams, Doctor Larisa Labzin, Professor David Evans, A/Professor Rebecca Guy.  

The achievements of 23 of Australia’s most talented health and medical researchers were recognised at NHMRC’s annual Research Excellence Awards held in Canberra on Wednesday 12 July 2017.

Exceptional researchers in the fields of infectious disease, autoimmunity, chronic pain and Parkinson’s disease are among the Australian researchers honoured at the Awards.

Australian medical researchers are continuing to lead the way when it comes to ground-breaking research that help to save lives, prevent disease, and improve the quality of life in Australia and globally.

Photo credit: Irene Dowdy

Professor Anne Kelso, CEO of NHMRC and Dr Nikolajs Zeps​

Dr Nikolajs Zeps is the recipient of the biennial NHMRC Ethics Award in recognition of his leadership in the development of ethics policies and standards, both within Australia and internationally.

Photo credit: Irene Dowdy

Professor Kathryn North, Chair of Research Committee and Professor Carola Vinuesa

Professor Carola Vinuesa, from Australian National University was recognised twice, with her award for the top-ranked Project Grant application as well as the NHMRC Elizabeth Blackburn Fellowship (Biomedical) for her research on the development of rogue antibodies that lead to autoimmune and allergic diseases.

All 23 recipients have received funding from NHMRC, contributing to better health outcomes for all Australians.

In Australia, we have a talented pool of researchers in the health and research community. Our role in the research and medical community is to foster these researchers and enable them to use their skills effectively across the health sector.

Congratulations again to all the awardees on your achievements.