Clarification of future wind farm research funding

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11 February 2015
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NHMRC today released its statement: Evidence on Wind Farms and Human Health, which mentioned a future call for research in this area.

Each year, NHMRC sets aside a small proportion of its total annual expenditure budget of around $850 million to fund Targeted Calls for Research.

These are one-off calls for research on specific health issues.

The expected annual expenditure for the Targeted Call for Research on Wind Farms and Human Health is up to $0.5 million per annum, and will be dependent on submitted research proposals being assessed as high-quality by rigorous, independent peer review.  The grants will be available for up to five years, depending on the proposal.

NHMRC will maintain current funding levels for its Project Grant research scheme.

This call for research is the end result of rigorous reviews of evidence, dating back to 2009. NHMRC has been developing plans for potential research in this area over this period, as mentioned at the November 2013 Senate Estimates hearings.

NHMRC CEO Professor Warwick Anderson said: “We’ve been presented with a report from an expert committee which says that the research is to date is ‘poor quality’. As a scientific body charged with providing reliable health advice for the Australian community, it is clear that high quality research is now needed.”

Full details will be available shortly.

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