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17 August 2012
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Researchers funded by NHMRC are now being invited to become part of a new NHMRC community, to be known as the NHMRC Research Translation Faculty. This is a major strategic initiative for health and medical research translation in Australia.

The Faculty will see members of NHMRC’s research community directly address the challenge of health and medical research translation in Australia.

NHMRC CEO Warwick Anderson said, "The creation of knowledge through research underpins improvement in Australia’s health service delivery and intervention. However, it is widely acknowledged that there is a gap between discovery and implementation of knowledge from research. This gap slows the uptake of the benefits from research, for patients and for the operation of the health system."

"Closing this gap is a daunting task exacerbated by the volume of research that is available and the need to sometimes change commonly accepted beliefs and behaviours."

"“Australian researchers supported by NHMRC are a major resource for research translation in Australia, but they have not been enabled to play this role fully in recent times. Our funded researchers create the new knowledge, they are aware of the international peer review literature and have international positions, roles and contacts. In many cases too, they are embedded in positions where they are able to directly influence practice and policy and the training of future practitioners and policy makers," Professor Anderson said.

Invitations have been sent to around 7,000 NHMRC supported Chief Investigators or NHMRC Fellows who received grants from 1 January 2006.

The Faculty will be a key advisory forum helping NHRMC address the challenge of research translation in Australia. Initially, the Faculty will focus on two specific activities:

  1. Identifying the most significant gaps between research evidence and health policy and practice in each of the health areas to be identified in NHMRC’s Strategic Plan 2013-15, and recommending to NHMRC the action needed to address those gaps.
  2. Identifying and putting forward a case for a significant, potentially transformational, proposal for a targeted call for research in these areas by NHMRC.

The inaugural NHMRC Research Translation Faculty Symposium will be held in Melbourne on 24th October.

The Faculty has been developed following consultation with leaders in research translation, including a forum on 20 April 2011 with over 100 senior clinical researchers funded by the NHMRC.

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