Professor Rosenthal's presentation


What can starfish and planarium do well that humans simply fail at? The answer lies in their capacity to regenerate their bodies. Starfish can grow back arms in a matter of weeks—and a planarium is so full of stem cells that one becomes more if cut into pieces. So if they can do it, why can’t we?

Professor Nadia Rosenthal, from Monash University, Melbourne, is a regenerative medicine specialist who has held distinguished positions at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Imperial College in London and Harvard University.

She presented a snapshot of her latest research at a reception held on 10 March in conjunction with the 174th session of NHMRC Council in Canberra.

Here she discusses how she will use her Australia Fellowship to discover ways to enhance our regenerative capacity in ageing and disease. This research has the potential to improve the health of our ageing population.