2018 Federal budget update

Last night, Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down the 2018-19 Budget with the Government continuing to support the critical role of health and medical research in improving health outcomes.

National Health and Medical Research Council

NHMRC will manage similar levels of funding compared to last year, with the Medical Research Endowment Account continuing to increase with indexation over the coming years. 

The major change to NHMRC is that 2018-19 is the final year of the $40 million per year funding for Boosting Dementia Research, a five year program.

Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF)

The Government announced a $1.3 billion National Health and Medical Industry Growth Plan, including investments from the MRFF of:

  • $500 million for a 10 year Genomics Health Futures Mission
  • $240 million committed to a Frontier Health and Medical Research program
  • $248 million for rare cancers and rare diseases clinical trials
  • $32 million for industry research collaborations
  • $125 million to establish a Targeted Translation Research Accelerator for chronic disease
  • $62.3 million for biomedical and medical technology programs.

Other support announced included;

$125 million for a Million Minds Mental Health Mission

$150 million for translation of research into better patient outcomes.


Other items of interest include a 12 year $1.9 billion National Research Infrastructure Investment Plan.

For more information on the National Health and Medical Industry Growth Plan visit http://health.gov.au/internet/budget/publishing.nsf/Content/budget2018-t-life-saving-and-job-creating-medical-research

For more information on the Health Budget visit http://health.gov.au/internet/budget/publishing.nsf/Content/2018-2019_Health_PBS


Professor Anne Kelso AO

NHMRC Chief Executive Officer