Seeking ‘Big Ideas for Action’ from NHMRC Research Translation Faculty Members

ARCHIVED CONTENT – For reference purposes only

Faculty members are invited to submit their big ideas and priority actions to assist Steering Groups develop their Cases for Action for:

  • Diabetes Mellitus (deadline 31 July)
  • Obesity (deadline 31 July)
  • Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke (deadline 21 August).

Further information can be found on the Research Translation Faculty website by clicking on the ‘Consultations’ tab. Please keep your eye out in the coming weeks as more Steering Group consultations are set to open.

The Research Translation Faculty, launched in 2012, is a major strategic initiative for health and medical research translation in Australia. The Faculty is made up of approximately 2,600 NHMRC-supported Chief Investigators and NHMRC Fellows.

The main task of the Faculty, for this triennium, is to produce a ‘Case for Action’ for each of the Major Health Issues (including the National Health Priority Areas) in the NHMRC Strategic Plan 2013-15. Each Case for Action (or ‘big idea for action’) will identify a significant gap between research evidence and healthcare policy and practice, as well as priority actions that the NHMRC can take. Steering Groups are overseeing their development.