CEO Communiqué: Wind Farms and Human Health Scientific Forum 7 June 2011

ARCHIVED CONTENT – For reference purposes only

I am pleased to provide a preliminary communiqué on today’s Wind Farms and Human Health Scientific Forum.

The constructive approach taken by all participants will assist the National Health and Medical Research Council in its review of its Public Statement on Wind Turbines and Health.

In developing the Forum, we were committed to achieving a balance of representatives.  The forum was attended by consumers, leading international researchers, Australian researchers and industry representatives.  As a result of the wide range of views that were brought to the Forum, NHMRC will be able to continue to build on its understanding of the issues.

Today, we heard presentations about the acoustic issues in audible and sub-audible noise, the experiences of people living near wind farms and a discussion about some of the sociological and psycho-social factors that need to be taken into consideration.

We also invited our participants to work together to discuss a range of questions.  Their responses to those questions will be considered by Council as part of the review of the NHMRC statement.

The NHMRC has the responsibility under its legislation, and the capacity, to provide health advice.  We can provide an objective overview of the scientific literature to help to balance out where information is unclear or missing.

The NHMRC will ask its Council, which comprises eminent researchers and the Chief Medical Officers of the States and Territories, to consider the outcomes of today’s Forum and an NHMRC literature review as part of its review of its Statement.

Today’s Scientific Forum was the first time that NHMRC has used web streaming.  This made the presentations and discussions in the morning session available to a wide range of people.  We are pleased that we were able to provide that accessibility in Australia and internationally.

Finally, I would like to thank the speakers and participants who came together today to discuss their research and experience with wind farms. I am grateful for their willingness to give us their time today.

Professor Warwick Anderson AM
Chief Executive Officer