NHMRC Awards

Science to Art Award

Imaging is now a central component for medical research. These images are not only scientifically important, they can also be aesthetically powerful. The NHMRC Science to Art prize recognises outstanding examples of the art that can arise from the research funded by NHMRC.

Ethics Award

The NHMRC Ethics Award recognises outstanding Australians for their contributions to high ethical standards in health and medical research. Nominees are judged on the significance of their contribution supporting high ethical standards in Australia in health and/or health and medical research, including innovation in ethical policy formulation, leadership in the formulation of ethical standards and/or services above and beyond the normal requirement of Human Research Ethics Committee or Committee membership. The award is given every 2 years.

Outstanding Contribution Award

The NHMRC Outstanding Contribution Award recognises outstanding long-term contribution, individual commitment and support to NHMRC. The award is given every 2 years.

Research Excellence Awards

In addition to NHMRC's Biennial Awards, the following Research Excellence Awards are awarded annually following competitive peer-review processes.

  • Top-ranked Project Grant application
  • the NHMRC Marshall and Warren award
  • Top-ranked Program Grant application
  • Top-ranked Research Fellowship application
  • the NHMRC Elizabeth Blackburn Fellowships
  • Top-ranked Career Development Fellowships application in each of the areas of Biomedical, Clinical, Industry and Population Health research
  • Top-ranked Practitioner Fellowship application
  • the NHMRC Frank Fenner Early Career Fellowship award
  • the NHMRC Gustav Nossal award for postgraduate scholarships
  • Top-ranked Development Grant application

More information about the 2017 Research Excellence Award winners