New data set for comment: Project Grant outcomes by institution

Each year NHMRC publishes extensive data of our grant outcomes, including by gender, institution, national health priority area and many more (see also our annual Funding Facts Book). However, we recently received requests from Universities to provide more comprehensive feedback to help them understand their performance relative to others.

In response we have prepared the following data set to complement the already publically available data.

The new data set enables all NHMRC Administering Institutions to compare their performance in the competitive grant process against other similar research bodies across Australia.

It provides the total number of applications submitted by each institution, the number of those considered worthy of funding but are not funded due to budget constraints (‘fundable but not funded’) and the number of those deemed to be the least competitive ~30% which do not proceed to the final assessment round (‘not for further consideration’).

For the first time, we have also published the mean and median category score of all applications by institution before they make it to the final assessment round.

This information has been sent to institutions and we have invited feedback on the data’s suitability and format.

NHMRC wants to fund the best research possible, to maximise the benefit to Australia of this major investment in health and medical research. This data may help institutions focus on supporting the most competitive grants in the future, and help them with their internal polices and research development plans.

Professor Warwick Anderson AM
Chief Executive Officer, NHMRC