Wind Farms and Human Health Scientific Forum - 7 June 2011

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Date and time: 
Tuesday, 7 June 2011 (All day)

On Tuesday 7 June 2011 NHMRC conducted a scientific forum on the possible health effects of wind turbines. The forum provided an opportunity for NHMRC to hear the latest international scientific evidence and to engage with stakeholders over the range of issues for which there is public concern.

Information about NHMRC’s current activities on wind farms and human health is available on our Wind Farms and Human Health page.

NHMRC CEO communique

NHMRC CEO Warwick Anderson released a preliminary communiqué after the Scientific Forum on 7 June.

NHMRC Report on the Scientific Forum

Background documents

On demand video

Scientific Panel One: current evidence on health impacts
Professor Geoffrey Leventhall
Professor Mariana Alves-Pereira
Questions and discussion

Scientific Panel Two
Dr Bob Thorne – human perception and infrasound
Dr Simon Chapman – psycho-social factors
Questions and discussion

Panel Three: personal stories
Dr Sarah Laurie (Chair)
Ms Bernie Janssen
Mr Donald Thomas
Mr David Page