Revision of the Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol 2009

The revision of the Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol 2009 will follow NHMRC's 9-step guideline development process. This will provide transparency and rigour to the evidence evaluation and decision making involved in guideline development, and ensure that the latest and best scientific evidence is correctly and appropriately collected, analysed, interpreted and reported. This process also includes a number of quality assurance measures, including:

  • An evaluation of the evidence on the health effects of alcohol consumption by an independent contractor with relevant experience in evidence evaluation. 
  • A methodological review of the research protocol and draft evidence evaluation report by an independent expert or organisation to ensure that the process by which literature was searched for, selected and appraised was conducted  in a robust and transparent manner.
  • An independent expert review of the draft guidelines to ensure that the process by which the underpinning evidence has been interpreted and synthesised is appropriate and in accordance with the latest and best available evidence.
  • Consideration of the draft guidelines by the Council of NHMRC, of which the Chief Medical /Health Officers of each state and territory are members, to ensure that the NHMRC’s processes and standards have been met.
  • A public consultation period which provides all stakeholders with the opportunity to comment on the draft guidelines, as required by the NHMRC Act 1992

NHMRC processes include the use of GRADE (Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation) for considering the body of evidence and drafting guideline recommendations.  GRADE is an internationally recognised approach to appraising the quality of evidence and developing health advice based upon those judgments. GRADE is designed to be an explicit, comprehensive, transparent, and pragmatic way of making decisions.

The Alcohol Working Committee will oversee and provide expertise to the update of the 2009 Alcohol Guidelines to ensure that they reflect the best available evidence and are relevant to the Australian context.

The table below provides indicative completion dates for key milestones of the revision of the 2009 Alcohol Guidelines:

Key Milestones Indicative completion dates
Public call for evidence 13 January 2017
Systematic reviews and their methodological appraisals (quality assurance step) Second half of 2018
Modelling of the health effects of alcohol consumption Fourth Quarter of 2018
Drafting of revised guidelines First half of 2019

Public consultation on and expert review of draft guidelines

Third and fourth quarters of 2019
Final revised Alcohol Guidelines issued First half of 2020

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