2009 Alcohol Guidelines public consultation and submissions

A review and update of NHMRC's Australian Alcohol Guidelines: health risks and benefits 2001 began in 2006-07. A complete description of the process of revising the 2001 Alcohol Guidelines can be found at Appendix 3 of the Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol 2009.

The consultation process

A draft of the 2009 Alcohol Guidelines was released for public consultation, as required by the NHMRC Act 1992, from 13 October to 11 December 2007. One hundred and sixty-two submissions were received from a variety of stakeholders including individuals, government agencies, health organisations, health professionals and the alcohol industry.

Public submissions

Of the 162 parties that made submissions to the alcohol guidelines consultation, 103 consented to have their submissions made available on this website.