Standardised participant information and consent forms

This suite of standardised Participant Information and Consent Forms (PICFs) were developed by a specialist sub-group and approved by the Harmonisation of Multi-centre Ethical Review Reference Group on 8 May 2012, including representatives from all states and territories. These PICFs serve as a starting point for researchers and are designed to assist researchers, institutions and HRECs in the conduct of multi-centre ethics review.

The forms are designed for three categories of participants as identified by the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007):

  • Individual participant
  • Child participant and
  • Participants unable to provide consent

Within each category of participant, four specific research type templates are available:

  • Genetic Studies
  • Interventional Studies
  • Non-Interventional Studies and
  • Health and Social Science Studies

Please note that the forms are directed toward those who provide consent to participate in research.

Researchers are reminded to view these documents as a minimum starting point for consent forms.  Jurisdiction-specific and study-specific information should be added.  Likewise, information that is not applicable to the proposed research project may be removed.KB)

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