Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) Resources

The following Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) resources are available:

Acceptance of HREA by institutions participating in the NMA scheme

NHMRC has been working closely with the States and Territories to facilitate the use of the HREA.  A statement from the National Mutual Acceptance working group relating to the acceptance of the HREA in public hospitals is included below:

  • Ethics applications to one or more public hospital Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)

Public hospital HRECs participating in the National Mutual Acceptance Scheme (NMA) are currently working to integrate the HREA into their existing IT platforms and processes. In the interim, please continue to use Online Forms to generate and submit NEAF applications to Australian public hospital HRECs in the following NMA jurisdictions: Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. This will ensure that the reviewing HREC can process the application using their current IT infrastructure.

If you are submitting an ethics application to an HREC that is located in a jurisdiction that is not currently part of NMA (Northern Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia), please contact that HREC to obtain their local submission requirements.

  • Plans for public hospital transition to the HREA

The public hospital transition to the HREA is anticipated to occur in mid- to late-2017. The transition and related instructions will be communicated broadly well in advance, so that all applications will undergo ethics review without complication.

Researchers are reminded to check if their HREC has agreed to accept the HREA prior to completing their application as it is not possible to convert an HREA to a NEAF or vice versa. HRECs that have indicated their willingness to accept the HREA are listed in the HREC Directory page of the HREA (page 2 of the form).

Until notified otherwise, researchers who are considering conducting a multi-centre research where at least one site is in an NMA jurisdiction, may wish to complete their NEAF ethics application via the Online Forms platform at:

For further information on the NMA scheme you may contact the public hospital HREC or the State/Territory Department of Health office in the relevant jurisdiction: