Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) Resources

The following Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) resources are available:

Acceptance of HREA by institutions participating in the NMA scheme

NHMRC has been working closely with states and territories to facilitate use of the HREA in the Online Forms platform. On 31 August 2017, Online Forms was updated to include a licensed version of the HREA.

Research proposals should be submitted via Online Forms to Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs) associated with public health institutions in the following jurisdictions: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Western Australia or Mater Research (Brisbane, Qld).

Researchers who start their ethics application at can generate an XML file that can be imported into Online Forms.

NHMRC cannot offer assistance or support for Online Forms. Instead, support and assistance should be sought from

If you are submitting an ethics application to an HREC that is located in the Northern Territory or Tasmania, please contact that HREC to obtain their local submission requirements if they are not listed in the HREA Directory.

For further information on the NMA scheme, contact the relevant public hospital HREC or the state/territory Department of Health office: