This review is expected to progress in multiple phases with each phase dependent on the outcomes of the preceding phase.

A Rapid Review report was commissioned to present the evidence, inclusive of scientific and grey literature, on how discretionary foods and drinks are classified and articulated in different settings to determine broader: (1) consumer, (2) health professional, (3) industry and (4) educator understanding of the term ‘discretionary foods and drinks’, including identification of existing Australian and international guidance or classification criteria for discretionary foods and drinks. 

Following the consideration of the Rapid Review report by the Expert Working Group, further investigation into the feasibility of developing draft definition/s of discretionary foods and drinks has been proposed. Following this, draft definition/s may be developed and will be released for consultation with key users, including health professionals, government and industry representatives in the second half of 2019.

Anticipated Review Timelines

Activities Timeframe
Rapid Review into the evidence  Fourth quarter 2018
Appointment of Expert Working Group Fourth quarter 2018
Consideration of evidence and feasibility of fit-for-purpose definition/s  Second quarter 2019
Consultation of draft definition/s Third quarter 2019
Consideration of feedback and finalisation of definition/s Fourth quarter 2019