The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is seeking Expressions of Interest from experts to join its Nutrient Reference Values (NRV) Steering Group Advisory Committee. Individuals are invited to self-nominate to be considered for appointment to the Committee.

Members will be appointed based on their recognised expertise in areas such as development of nutrient reference values, nutrition, micronutrients, end user needs, toxicology, public health, research, chronic disease and macronutrients/total diet.

Individuals from Australia, New Zealand or other comparable jurisdictions internationally are encouraged to apply.

About the work of the NRVs Steering Group Advisory Committee

NHMRC has been commissioned by the Department of Health to review and update the NRVs for sodium, iodine, fluoride and Adequate Intake values for all nutrients for infants.

NHMRC has established the NRV Steering Group Advisory Committee (the Committee) to guide this review. The Committee provides advice to a Steering Group which is comprised of representatives from NHMRC, the Department of Health and the New Zealand Ministry of Health. The Committee also guides the work of nutrient-specific expert working groups.

 Members of the Steering Group Advisory Committee will:

  • provide expert advice to the Steering Group on priority nutrients for review
  • advise on additional required expertise for the nutrient specific expert working groups
  • provide periodic advice and guidance to the Steering Group on review processes and NRV development as required, including advising on alignment with the Methodological framework for the review of Nutrient Reference Values
  • review outcomes from the nutrient reviews
  • provide advice on any risks associated with draft NRV recommendations
  • provide advice on the outcomes of public consultation on any of the NRVs reviewed.

About the Nutrient Reference Values for Australia and New Zealand

The NRVs are a set of recommendations for nutritional intake, for individuals and population groups, which are based on scientific evidence. The NRVs are used to assess the health status of individuals and populations, advise individuals, and provide a fundamental evidence base for the development of health policy. The NRVs are also used by a range of stakeholders for dietary modelling, food formulation and food labelling.

The goal of this project is to ensure the currency and accuracy of the NRVs for sodium, iodine, fluoride and Adequate Intake values for all nutrients for infants in Australia and New Zealand.

More information about the NRVs can be found at

How to apply:

The following criteria will be considered in appointing members to the Committee:

  • expertise in nutrition, micronutrients, end user needs, toxicology, public health, research, chronic disease or macronutrients/total diet
  • experience in critically analysing scientific evidence and translating this evidence into policy or public health guidelines
  • absence of financial interests, affiliations or associations with organisations or activities which could reasonably be perceived to influence a person’s advice on issues being considered
  • experience and expertise in the development or application of NRVs.

To nominate for appointment to the Committee, please:

  • submit a maximum four-page curriculum vitae including details of your education, employment, peer-reviewed publications, presentations, blogs, funding sources, and other affiliations with organisations that may have direct interests in the revised NRVs
  • note that NHMRC will assess applicants based on their expertise and any perceived or actual conflicts of interest as per the NHMRC policy on Disclosure of Interests Requirements for Prospective and Appointed NHMRC Committee Members (2019). Prospective members will be asked to declare any relevant or related interests at a later stage in the selection process.

Members will be appointed to the Committee for a term up to 30 June 2025. Appointments may be extended if the project goes beyond this date. Applicants are encouraged to consider the expected duration of the appointment prior to applying. It is preferable that members are available for the duration of the term.

Please submit your application to by 5:00pm (AEST) on 31 August 2022.

Questions about the Committee or the appointments process can be submitted to