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Publication Status Subject Year
Unintentional injuries in young males 15 to 29 years - 1996 Rescinded Injury including Sports Injury 1996
Unstable Angina: A Consumer's Guide Rescinded Cardiovascular health 1996
Use of Genetic Information in Sport Current Genetics and Gene Technology 2013
Using Socioeconomic Evidence in Clinical Practice Guidelines Current Clinical practice guidelines 2002
Using the National Statement 1: Payments to participants in research, particularly clinical trials Current Human ethics 2009
Values and Ethics - Guidelines for Ethical Conduct in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research Current Human ethics, Indigenous Health 2003
Vitamin K for newborn babies - Information for parents (2010) Current Child health, Women’s Health 2010
Water Made Clear This publication is more than 5 years of age and may no longer reflect current evidence or best practice Water Quality 2004
Ways of Minimising Pain and Distress in Animals in Research Rescinded Animal ethics, Research 1994
When does Quality Assurance in Health Care Require Independent Ethical Review? Rescinded Consumers, carers and volunteers, Human ethics 2003