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Publication Status Subject Year
Identifying barriers to evidence uptake Rescinded Former National Institute of Clinical Studies 2006
Implementing the 2010–12 NHMRC Strategic Plan Corporate archive Corporate Documents 2012
Incontinence and the older person Rescinded Aged care 1994
Infant Feeding Guidelines for Health Workers Rescinded Child health 1996
Infant Feeding Guidelines: information for health workers (2012) Current Child health 2013
Infection Control in the Health Care Setting Guidelines for the Prevention of Transmission of Infectious Diseases Rescinded Clinical practice guidelines, Communicable Diseases‚ Vaccinations and Infection Control 1996
Information Paper – Water fluoridation: dental and other human health outcomes Current Oral Health 2017
Iodine supplementation for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Current Women’s Health 2010
Is it my Prostate Doc? - A Guide for General Practitioners Rescinded Men’s Health 1996