Ten of the Best Research Projects 2012

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Ten of the Best Research Projects 2012 describes ten Australian health and medical research projects chosen from among the thousands of NHMRC funded medical research projects underway in Australia today.

Australian health and medical researchers are world leaders.
They have contributed to some of this century’s most important medical discoveries.

With NHMRC support, Australian researchers are tackling all the health issues that Australians and people around the world face. Our researchers work, too, on ways of preventing ill health, and ways of more effectively delivering care to patients. Working across the board, they have created knowledge to improve the quality of life for all Australians, they have worked to use that knowledge in a range of practical settings, from innovative businesses to health policy.

The launch of this year’s Ten of the Best coincides with the start of a new triennium in NHMRC’s strategic planning cycle. We will continue our work to ensure that the evidence generated by research informs and influences clinical practice and health policy.

This year’s Ten of the Best highlights how important research and research translation are to improved health outcomes. A strong underlying theme of all research is collaboration. As you will see in this edition, health and medical research is rarely the result of one individual’s effort. Within and across teams, we see what can be achieved when people combine their experience, ideas and efforts.

Collaboration is a core philosophy for NHMRC. We work with international organisations in global health and medical research efforts. We are moving to develop new ways for researchers, health educators and patients to work together to benefit from research evidence. We are building alliances in our region, including China and Singapore to improve health for all peoples.

On behalf of the NHMRC, I thank all researchers who have contributed to these efforts to assist in improving health through evidence in the 2009-12 Triennium. Selecting just ten of the many hundred reports is not an easy task considering the wealth of talented researchers supported by NHMRC. I congratulate the researchers profiled in Ten of the Best 2012 for their work, passion and achievements. — Warwick Anderson AM.