Statement on Consumer and Community Participation in Health and Medical Research (the Statement on Participation)

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R22, R23, R33, R34
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The consumers and researchers who have contributed to this project have shared their hopes and concerns about consumer participation in research and have learned much about each other’s viewpoints.

The Consumers Health Forum of Australia Inc (CHF) and the National Health and Medical Research Council worked in partnership with consumers and researchers to develop the Statement on Consumer and Community Participation in Health and Medical Research. Many consumers and researchers responded to a consultation paper and participated in roundtable discussions during development of the Statement on Participation.

The Statement on Participation was developed in recognition of the contribution that consumers can make to research, as well as their right to participate in research. In developing and using the Statement on Participation, consumers and researchers share a vision of working in partnerships based on understanding, respect and shared commitment to research that will improve the health of humankind.

The Statement on Participation is intended as a guide to consumer and community participation at all levels and across all types of health and medical research. It includes checklists as a starting point in facilitating involvement.

A summary of the Statement on Participation has been developed which includes the objectives and checklist.

This document has been replaced  with the Statement on Consumer and Community Involvement in Health and Medical Research