NHMRC Annual Report 2012-13

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This National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Annual Report was prepared
in accordance with section 83 of the National Health and Medical Research Council Act
(NHMRC Act) and the Requirements for Annual Reports issued by the Australian
Government Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and approved by the Joint
Committee of Public Accounts and Audit under subsections 63(2) and 70(2) of the Public
Service Act 1999
. It is a record of NHMRC’s activities during 2012–13 and the performance
and financial information presented in the 2012–13 NHMRC Portfolio (Agency) Budget
Statement and 2012–13 NHMRC Portfolio Additional Estimates Statement.

The report is structured as follows:

PART ONE: Overview

Part One explains NHMRC’s broad strategic directions and priorities for 2012–13. It notes key
issues, highlights achievements and describes the governance structure of NHMRC.

PART TWO: Report on activities

Part Two is a comprehensive review of major activities under NHMRC’s Portfolio Budget
Statement during 2012–13. Here, performance against the Program Objectives for NHMRC
is described.

PART THREE: Corporate reporting

Part Three details NHMRC’s governance, people and financial management arrangements.
It provides a range of information including internal and external scrutiny, and payments for
advertising and marketing research and consultancies. It reports on performance in fraud
control, occupational health and safety, freedom of information and ecologically sustainable
development arrangements.

PART FOUR: Financial management

Part Four is an overview of NHMRC’s financial performance. It includes a report by the Australian
National Audit Office and the complete set of audited financial statements for 2012–13.

PART FIVE: Appendixes

The appendixes contain statutory reporting information, including the composition and
functions of NHMRC’s Council, Principal Committees and Expert Committees. They also
provide other information to support the contents of the report, including NHMRC’s public
consultations in the reporting period, guidelines and health advice issued by NHMRC, and a
description of all NHMRC funding schemes.

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