NHMRC Annual Report 2011-12

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NHMRC is committed to achieving the highest standards of accountability and transparency to our Minister, to Parliament and to the public. The NHMRC 2011-12 Annual Report is a documentary record of the NHMRC’s activities during 2011-12. Our aim is to provide readers with a useful and informative picture of the NHMRC’s performance over the past twelve months.

PART ONE: Overview

Part One explains NHMRC’s broad strategic directions and priorities for 2011–12. It notes key issues, highlights achievements and describes the Agency’s governance structure.

PART TWO: Performance reporting

Part Two is a comprehensive review of major activities during 2011–12. It examines performance against the five key strategic directions identified in the 2011–12 NHMRC Portfolio (Agency) Budget Statement.

PART THREE: Corporate reporting

Part Three details NHMRC’s governance, people and financial management arrangements. It provides a range of information, including internal and external scrutiny, and payments for advertising and marketing research and consultancies. It also examines performance in ecologically sustainable development, occupational health and safety and Freedom of Information arrangements.

PART FOUR: Financial management

Part Four is an overview of financial performance and includes a report by the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) and the complete set of audited financial statements for 2011–12.

PART FIVE: Appendixes

The appendixes contain statutory reporting information, including the composition and functions of Council and NHMRC’s Principal and Expert Committees and details of discretionary grants awarded. They also provide other information to support the contents of the report, including public consultation rounds, guidelines and health advice issued by NHMRC and a description of all NHMRC funding schemes.

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