Nutrition in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples: An Information Paper

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Food is essential for everybody. It is part of our daily lives and forms an integral part of social, cultural and religious activities of various types in different cultures around the world.


This report is specifically targeted to practitioners working to improve the nutritional health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and may be useful as reference material in both practice and teaching and has been produced in three sections.

  • Section 1 gives a summary of the current situation in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and nutrition through presentation of demographic and health data.
  • Section 2 outlines the importance of proper nutrition in pregnancy, infancy and childhood and discusses assessment of childhood growth and iron deficiency anaemia.
  • Section 3 addresses those nutrition-related diseases of particular relevance to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population. These are obesity. Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease (including high blood pressure), renal disease and dental health problems.
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