Resources for guideline developers

Templates to support procedures for seeking NHMRC approval

NHMRC levels of evidence and grades for recommendations for developers of clinical practice guidelines

This document presents a revised approach to grading of recommendations based on various levels of evidence where evidence obtained from intervention studies is unavailable.

This document supports guideline developers to assign levels of evidence, and subsequently grade their recommendations, according to study types and research questions. An expanded set of evidence levels has been developed for guidelines on diagnosis, prognosis, aetiology and screening.

The document, which was developed by Australian methodological specialists, was pilot tested over a three year period and represents the latest statement on NHMRC’s approach to the development of a broad range of clinical practice guidelines.

A guide to the development, evaluation and implementation of clinical practice guidelines and accompanying handbooks

The following resources were developed by NHMRC to provide further details on how to develop high quality guidelines.

This publication includes the accompanying handbooks:

Guidance for public health guidelines and evidence based advice

NHMRC is aware that information on public health guidelines and evidence-based advice is needed, and will be working to provide guidance in this area in the future.