Information for Guideline Developers

RFT for new NHMRC Health Evidence Advice and Methods Panel

NHMRC has a legislated role in providing high quality evidence based health advice to government and the community. 

NHMRC has hosted an evidence and advice panel since 2009. These panels form an essential element of NHMRC’s health advice development processes, supporting the translation of research into policy and practice. NHMRC and other agencies, such as the Australian Government Department of Health, use the panel arrangements to assist in developing and presenting evidence-based health advice and resources, including guidelines, evidence reviews, public statements and information papers.

NHMRC is now advertising on Austender to establish a new Health Evidence Advice and Methods Panel to replace the current panel when it expires in May 2018. NHMRC’s new panel will comprise the following  categories:

  • Category 1 - Advising on the methodology of the evaluation of evidence, the development of recommendations and guideline development
  • Category 2 - Evidence evaluation, including overviews, systematic reviews, literature reviews and health economic analyses
  • Category 3 - Evaluation of guidelines, policies and programs
  • Category 4 - The writing and editing of health and medical information products

Those interested in tendering for the new Health Evidence and Methods Panel should access the Austender site. The Request for Tender closes 4 December 2017.

NHMRC Standards for Guidelines

NHMRC’s Standards for Guidelines were developed by NHMRC’s Advisory Group on the Synthesis and Translation of Research Evidence in order to bring Australia’s standards for guidelines up to date and into line with similar standards internationally.

They are applicable to all guidelines containing recommendations for clinical practice, public health and environmental health.

The Standards will be supported by practicial advise on various aspects of guideline development, which will be published as self-contained modules on the new 'Guidelines for Guidelines' website. This online resource will be launched late 2018, and will supersede NHMRC's current suite of methodological advice for guideline developers. Draft modules developed for the website will be released for public consultation. Sign up to NHMRC's subscriptions service to receieve alerts whenever draft modules are available. 

NHMRC’s Guideline Approval Program

NHMRC approval of a clinical practice guideline developed by another organisation indicates that the guideline is of a high quality, based on the best available evidence and developed to rigorous standards.

Find out how to seek NHMRC approval of your guideline

Resources for guideline developers

NHMRC has a variety of resources for guideline developer. 

Resources for guideline developers

Clinical Practice Guidelines in Development Register

The Guidelines Register is for Australian guideline developers to share information about their guideline in development.

Clinical Practice Guidelines in Development Register

Australian Clinical Practice Guidelines Portal

The Portal has been developed to help Australian clinicians and consumers access clinical practice guidelines via a single entry point.

Australian Clinical Practice Guidelines Portal

NHMRC develops clinical practice, population health and ethics guidelines.

To find out more on how NHMRC develops its guidelines 

Guideline activity in Australia

NHMRC monitors guideline activity in Australia and describes trends in important quality indicators.

Reporting on Australian clinical practice guidelines