National Guidelines for Waste Management in the Health Care Industry

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This is the first revision of the National Guidelines for the Management of Clinical and Related Wastes, which was published by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) in 1988.

The national guidelines for health industry waste management aim to enhance and protect public health and safety; to provide a safer working environment; to minimise waste generation and the environmental impact of waste treatment and disposal and to facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements.

The guidelines outline procedures for the classification, segregation, safe packaging (containment), labelling, storage, transport and disposal of clinical and related wastes. They are intended to assist authorities and practitioners, as well as other people involved (whether directly or indirectly), in determining an appropriate waste management strategy. The unique and specific factors applicable to each situation-the local conditions, requirements and regulations, and the type and volume of waste generated-should all be taken into account when formulating policy.

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