Medical Genetic Testing: information for health professionals

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The purpose of Medical Genetic Testing: information for health professionals is to provide a source of information for use by health professionals involved in genetic testing. It supports the health professional in:

  • assisting patients when considering genetic testing;
  • ordering the appropriate genetic test;
  • interpreting its result in the context of clinical decision making; and
  • providing follow-up care and support to the patient and family.

In addition to addressing technical issues of test utilisation and performance, the paper highlights the ethical, legal and social issues resulting from genetic testing, including:

  • direct to consumer testing, personalised medicine and other emerging technologies; and
  • genetic testing for purposes other than the direct health care of the individual such as; relationship testing, insurance, workplace or sport applications, and research.

The paper identifies key issues that should be considered in relation to genetic testing, and identifies relevant resources, guidelines, standards, and requirements that are pertinent for the delivery of genetic testing in Australia.

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