Staying Healthy in Child Care - Preventing infectious diseases in child care - Fourth Edition

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This publication aims to assist anyone caring for children, in home day care situations or within child care organisations, and healthcare professionals in controlling the spread of childhood infections. It is a useful resource for Child Care Accreditation courses in Australia.

Infections with or without illness are common in children. Spending time in child care centres or other facilities and being exposed to a large number of children for some time provides an opportunity for infectious diseases to be spread. It is not possible to prevent the spread of all infections and illnesses within child care centres, however a lot of illnesses from infectious disease can be prevented. When children spend time in child care or other facilities they are exposed to a large number of other children, increasing the opportunity for the spread of infectious diseases.

Staying Healthy in Child Care provides simple and effective methods for minimising the spread of infections for many common childhood diseases encountered in child care organisations and the home.

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