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Streamlining NHMRC Application and Assessment Processes

NHMRC’s Streamlining Application and Assessment Project

This page has been developed by NHMRC to support and communicate progress on its Streamlining Application and Assessment Project. It outlines NHMRC’s vision and plans for the continuous improvement of its grant application and assessment (peer review) processes.

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Latest Update:
29 November 2013

  • See notice below of 6 Nov 2013 for further details
  • Note Project Grants are for five years, or less. For details on 2013 funded rates for Project Grant applications requesting five years of funding go to Outcomes of funding rounds.
  • Funding rules for all schemes will be available on the NHMRC in HTML format, as schemes open from December 4
  • New and revised RGMS user guides are now available to assist applicants, grantees and Research Administration Officers with the new streamlined processes:
  • Additional guides to assessment and assigner processes will be added in coming months.
  • RAOs can now access weekly application and grant data exports in RGMS. Datasets include information on budgets, teams, milestones and conditions. See RGMS User Guide – Grant Administration.
  • Recent post-award changes:
    • Provision of a principles-based guide (NHMRC Direct Research Costs Guidelines (DRCs) (PDF, 19KB) to what is a direct research cost (DRC)
    • Expenditure flexibility applies to Research Support Schemes- eg project grants, program grants, development grants,
    • IRIISS funds can be moved between approved MRIs.

6 November 2013

  • In upcoming grant application rounds, you will need to supply less information to apply to the NHMRC for grants.
  • We will only be asking for information necessary for peer review of your application.
  • At the start of the opening of the Project Grant round on December 4 (the same date that Research Fellowship, Centres for Research Excellence open) you will see
    • Reduced data requirements in Part A for all schemes
    • Reduced data requirements for Part B for Project Grants
    • Revised Grant Proposal (what you may be used to calling the ‘PDF’)
    • Reduced data requirements in the CV for Project Grants
    • This will also result in a streamlined assessor snapshot
  • More detail on reduced data requirements
  • If you are successful in receiving a grant, then we will ask for further information that we need to administer the grant, before payments begin.
  • To help you apply, we will provide you with


Page reviewed: 29 November, 2013