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Research funding statistics and data

This site enables stakeholders and users of NHMRC data to have direct access to the most consistent and best available information on NHMRC funded research. The datasets and worksheets have been produced by the NHMRC Statistics Unit and will be updated annually through a rolling review process to include the current year's research funding details.

The datasets and worksheets are based on the review of each individual grant against a range of investigator provided data classification and search options including Burden of Disease allocations, Fields of Research, keywords, grant titles and, where available, investigator provided lay descriptions/media summaries. The process may result in the allocation of grants to more than one disease, disorder or health issue. No attempt has been made to apportion the funding where more than one disease or disorder is indicated.

These data will change over time and represent a snapshot of the NHMRC‘s research funding activity at the time that the data was extracted from our systems.

NHMRC research funding facts book 2013

Key statistics and trends related to NHMRC research funding and research activity over the last ten years.

Funding Statistics – Trend Data

Trends for funding commitments and funded rates for new grants awarded over the periods indicated. These data include institutional data and cover information on grants at the time of Ministerial approval – subsequent events during the grant acceptance process may change the outcomes of some grants.

Funding Statistics – Grants and Funding Data

Provides details of what was funded, who was funded, for how long and for how much across all NHMRC funding schemes.  Also provides similar data for a wide range of diseases, disorders and health conditions and related issues.

Funding Statistics – Outcomes of NHMRC funded research

Summary reports of the results of NHMRC funded research, as provided by the investigators. In 2014, these data cover up to 7500 end of grant reports.

NHMRC Analysis of Australian Health and Medical Research Publications

NHMRC regularly publishes reports on the scientific publication output and the citation impact of NHMRC-funded research, and of Australian health and medical research more broadly.


Page last updated on 4 February 2015